I am an on-location and in-studio photographer living in Tucker, Georgia, serving the Metro Atlanta area. 


Contact me at thousandclowns@gmail.com for pricing info!

My Style: Elements that you’ll always find in my photography are color, a little bit of nostalgia, pattern and beautiful light - maybe it’s soft light in a newborn’s nursery, warm glowing light at sunset outdoors, or maybe something a little more dramatic - but harnessing light is one of the most beautiful, challenging and therefore most rewarding aspects of photography. Oh, and did I mention C O L O R ? HAPPY color. So you can expect to have many “pops” of color in your photos. I also love to play with pattern, whether it be present in your wardrobe or beautiful shapes in an Atlanta mural in the background. Embrace pattern and color. It is not as scary as you think. But rest assured - the star of the show in your photos will be most importantly: YOU.

Portrait Photography Services include: Families, Newborn, Children, Teens, Seniors, Couples, Engagement, Maternity, Head Shots. Be sure to check out my portfolio galleries to see examples.

Styling: I offer a styling service (wardrobe, prop and product styling). Contact me for more details.

Locations: I love Atlanta and I feel that it is experiencing a creative renaissance of sorts! There are so many lovely natural environments, as well as colorful urban backdrops, in and around this beautiful city to shoot in. I have my own favorite spots around the city that I love to shoot in, but I am open to shooting anywhere!

If you have a special place that has sentimental value to you that you’d like to be photographed in, please let me know. Do keep in mind that I use mostly natural light, so if the location includes interior shots, we will have to check out the lighting situation. Please note that if you choose a location which charges a fee for entrance or use for photography, the fee is the responsibility of you, the client.

I love to shoot in homes! What a better place to be captured in but the place we all feel most connected to: home. If you choose your home as our shooting location, I will probably come out to your home in advance to check out the available lighting to make sure it will be a good foundation for a successful shoot. I have studio lights that I can bring if necessary.

Outside Atlanta: I have a travel allowance of up to 30 miles from Tucker, Georgia 30084. Locations outside of this area may require an additional fee based on mileage. I often travel to areas outside of Georgia including Asheville, North Carolina; Grayton Beach, Florida; Birmingham, Alabama; Memphis, Tennessee, etc, so I am open to travel. I will try to post advanced notice on my blog if I know I will be in a certain area at a particular time during the year, in case there is interest for my services in that location. I will not charge travel fees in this instance. If I have to make a special trip just for your requested session, I will quote a travel fee on a case-by-case basis.

What to Wear: Once you’ve booked your session, I will discuss helpful wardrobe tips with you that will ensure great photos!

Props: I want to make sure your session is the best it can be, so I will have props and some hair accessories (for women and children) on hand that are available to you free of charge. If you have any items or props of your own that hold sentimental value to you or that will contribute to your session in an aesthetically pleasing way, you are welcome to bring them. Please let me know about these items before your session so we can plan around them. I also have quite the collection of vintage props, clothing (in a variety of sizes) and accessories for women and children of all ages. These are available to you and you are welcome to come to my home, try things on and check everything out. I am also not above dragging a beautiful piece of furniture of yours (or mine!) out to a location! (Additional fee for rental of these items may apply. Please inquire.)

What to Expect at Your Session: More than anything, I want your portrait session to be FUNWe want fun, real laughs, real interactions, real hugs and kisses. We want you to just be YOU. As for the kiddos? Let them be themselves. I find that children are the easiest subjects to photograph in the world if you just let them be. Sure we’ll get the perfect “group shot” where everyone is smiling, with no closed eyes and everyone looking at the camera. But we’ll also just have fun, with no “posing” direction. You’ll be surprised that those shots might end up being your favorites. I do find that the adults appreciate some “posing” direction (“where on earth do I put my hands?!”), and that’s ok. We adults are more self-aware and awkward than our smaller counterparts. (wink) I’m the same way. I understand. But I guarantee we’ll be having so much fun you won’t even be thinking about where to put your hands!


Some Frequently Asked Questions:

How long will the session last? Most sessions last anywhere from an hour to ninety minutes. It varies session to session. Newborn photo sessions will take longer since we are on “baby time”.

When will I get to view my photos? 2-3 weeks after your session, an online gallery of your photos to choose from will be available for 14 days from the time they are posted. I take pride in the artistic enhancement I do on each individual photo in your gallery, so rest assured that I’m putting a lot of work into your images while you wait. Thank you for your patience!

Can family and friends purchase pictures as well? Of course!

Is it possible to see all pictures taken at the session? No, but don’t fret! You don’t want to see them all. Your photos will go through an extensive editing session, deleting the bad ones (closed eyes, unflattering angles, those that don’t meet my technical standards). A lot of times there are many versions of basically the same image because I’m shooting many photos per minute to ensure I catch all of those great expressions! But rest assured that you will have a gallery covering a broad range of poses, backdrops, looks and expressions.

How many photos will be in my gallery? The number of photos in your gallery will depend on how many people are in your session and how many location “backdrops” we use. There really is no standard number. The last family photo of four that I shot had 56 photos in their gallery. Remember: we want quality over quantity.


Other Photography Services: Events, Cosplay, Commercial, Product and more. Please inquire for more details.